Basic Things To Know About Tongue Tie And Lip Tie In Children

Many babies these days are being diagnosed by tongue tie and lip tie conditions. Though these conditions are quite common, not many know about their symptoms and treatment. It is quite difficult to detect the onset of these two conditions … Read the rest

Tips To Help You Choose The Right Doctor For Your Child’s Tongue-Tie Treatment

Children usually suffer from tongue-tie condition at the time of their birth. It is difficult to detect this condition because it is not very evident. In the tongue-tie condition, the frenulum that connects the tongue to the rest of the … Read the rest

Things To Expect When Your Child Goes For Tongue-Tie Laser Procedure

Both lip-tie and tongue-tie can cause a lot of discomfort to the child. These conditions generally affect children when they are born. In the tongue-tie condition, the child cannot move the tongue freely in the mouth which leads to problems … Read the rest