Paediatrician in Caroline Springs, Footscray, Melton, and Tarneit

What is a paediatrician?

A paediatrician is a medical practitioner specialising in children, investigating, diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders from newborns through to adolescence. A paediatrician performs diagnostic tests to determine the child’s condition, and administers treatments, therapies and medications.

A child’s body differs greatly from that of an adult and therefore requires different care. Anatomical, cognitive, and emotional development rates impact the way disease and illness can spread, and future development must be taken into consideration when prescribing any treatments. A child’s mind is developing just as quickly as their body, so paediatricians provide specialist care throughout all stages of growth.

Focussing on a child’s health, well-being, behaviour and education as they grow, paediatricians understand the different illnesses and inflictions that affect children, and how they may relate to one another. They may also address any developmental concerns, and counsel children and their parents or guardians on disease prevention, diet and hygiene.

A paediatrician may:

  •  Perform physical exams
  •  Diagnose and treat a child’s illness, injury or infection
  •  Offer information concerning a child’s health, safety and nutrition
  •  Monitor physiological and psychological growth

A paediatrician may see your baby directly following the birth to ensure everything is ok, and from then on, a paediatrician offers specialist care usually only after a referral from a general practitioner (GP).

Western Specialist Centre offers paediatric care in Caroline Springs, Footscray, Melton, and Tarneit

We offer experienced and thoughtful, evidence-based diagnostics with a reassuring approach to ensure you completely understand everything concerning your child’s health.

Our team will listen and investigate, building trust and communication so we can work diligently to improve the health of your child.

We understand that children may be nervous or frightened upon their visit, so our team exercise plenty of patience and respect, so your child feels supported and reassured during your time with us.

Western Specialist Centre offers paediatric care dedicated to:

Here is a brief overview of some common issues we deal with:

Tongue Tie and Lip Tie Snipping

A thin (though visible) membrane under the surface of the tongue or connecting the upper lip to the gum can restrict the mobility in your baby’s mouth, which can lead to speech articulation problems and cause difficulty with oral hygiene. Performing a frenotomy can resolve this by snipping the membrane to allow freedom of oral movement.

Unsettled Babies

Crying is standard baby communication behaviour, with multiple reasons a baby may be crying. If your infant is consistently inconsolable, they may have colic, which is the medical term for frequent and excessive crying in an otherwise healthy baby.

If your baby suddenly becomes unsettled it could possibly be:

  •  An ear infection
  •  Urinary tract infection
  •  Pressure inside the skull
  •  A foreign object or scratch in the eye

When you’re unsure why your baby is crying, it can be very unsettling to the parents as well. The paediatricians at Western Specialist Centre will help to discover the cause of your baby’s unrest and provide the treatment or advice necessary.


Eczema is a non-contagious condition causing the skin to become itchy, dry and red, potentially cracking, weeping and scabbing. There is no known cure for eczema, though it can be controlled by identifying and avoiding triggers, keeping the skin moisturised to avoid dryness or your paediatrician may prescribe a cortisone-based ointment.

Developmental Delays

All children develop at different speeds according to their own pattern, but there is a general model measured through certain milestones. There may be delayed progress in areas such as motor development, speech and language development, cognitive/intellectual development or emotional and social development. These delays may be a symptom of a greater issue, or potential intellectual disability. The term ‘development delay’ is used only until the cause is determined.

Our paediatricians can assess your child’s medical history, observe them, conduct physical examinations and order and undertake relevant medical tests. Additionally, they may refer you to a speech pathologist, psychologist, physiotherapist or occupational therapist.

Each case is unique, just as your child is, so diagnosis may not be achieved right away. Our paediatricians will provide you and your child with compassionate, exhaustive care and attention to promote the health and wellbeing of your child and support you every step of the way.

Adolescent Health Concerns in Caroline Springs, Footscray, Melton, and Tarneit

Moving into adolescence, your child will continue to grow and develop cognitive, physical, emotional and social resources to form the foundation of their lives moving forward. As a result, their health needs also change a great deal. Our health services can play an important role in keeping teenagers educated, safe and healthy.

Many health issues in adolescents are the result of the introduction of new behaviours. The main issues facing teenagers and young people today are:

  •  Mental health and wellbeing
  •  Alcohol and drug abuse
  •  Smoking
  •  Unwanted pregnancy
  •  Sexually transmitted diseases
  •  Nutrition and malnutrition

At Western Specialist Centre, we not only diagnose and provide treatments, our paediatricians offer support and advice to educate young people and help them make informed decisions regarding their own health. As they move out of the bracket of paediatric care we can provide young people with the knowledge and tools to create a healthy future for themselves.

Choosing a paediatrician in Caroline Springs, Footscray, Melton, and Tarneit

Paediatricians all have specialised training in children’s healthcare to offer your child the best possible care. Nevertheless, it is important you find a paediatrician you feel comfortable with and trust completely.

During the first few years of life, an infant is unable to communicate their symptoms and are unable to make decisions regarding their care, so we endeavour to create respectful, informative communication with the child’s parent or caregiver, and consider the concerns of all parties to offer the best care for your child. A growing body has unique medical needs and Western Specialist Centre will offer you comprehensive, quality care, assisting your child to reach their full potential.

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