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Ms. Rachael Thomas


Occupational therapists help children take part in every area of their life to the best of their ability. For kids, this usually means playing, school, family, and self-care (such as toileting, feeding and dressing). For a child to take part in these activities they need concentration, coordination, motor skills, perceptual skills, and the ability to keep their mind and body calm and focussed so they can learn. Our goal is to help children to become more independent and skilled in these areas. We can help your child with:

  • Improving attention and concentration for ADHD / ADD
  • Increasing independence in activities such as Feeding, Toilet Training, Dressing, Bike Riding, Tying Shoelaces
  • Fine motor control and coordination, grasp and handwriting
  • Gross Motor skills such as coordination in physical activities such as playing, running, climbing etc.
  • Sensory processing and sensory diet including touch, smell, taste, movement or sight
  • Improving reading, copying, good hand-eye coordination.
  • Planning, problem-solving and organisation skills
  • Improving social skills through social thinking and social groups