Things To Expect When Your Child Goes For Tongue-Tie Laser Procedure

Both lip-tie and tongue-tie can cause a lot of discomfort to the child. These conditions generally affect children when they are born. In the tongue-tie condition, the child cannot move the tongue freely in the mouth which leads to problems in breastfeeding and speech. When the frenulum which connects the tongue to the rest of the mouth is too tight or small it leads to tongue-tie. This indirectly also affects the baby’s weight. Moreover, it is important to note that this condition is not easily noticeable at the time of birth. It is only when the child has difficulty in breastfeeding that the doctor comes to know about this condition. Well, not all children face serious effects of tongue-tie, in some children the condition hardly hinders the normal functioning. Opting for laser frenectomy is the most convenient way of dealing with tongue-tie. In this procedure, the frenulum of the tongue is removed with the help of a laser. Tongue-tie laser in Melbourne is carried out by experienced medical professionals. Here are some things to expect when your child goes for the tongue-tie laser procedure.

Preparing your child for the laser procedure

It is necessary to keep the child calm when opting for laser frenectomy. Though the child is bound to get anxious, try and keep the child calm. Additionally, see to it that the medical expert you choose is approachable and apt for the child.

After the tongue-tie laser procedure

Most children who go through laser frenectomy are likely to experience some bleeding. However, if there is excessive bleeding it is best to approach a doctor immediately. After a day, the treated part will start to heal on its own and you may notice it has become white or yellowish in appearance.

Recovery after the laser procedure

After the procedure, the child will experience discomfort and minor pain. However, the pain and discomfort should go away once the treated part starts healing. Take guidance from your doctor and perform light stretches on the treated part to speed up recovery.

Approach reliable doctors for tongue-tie laser in Melbourne.

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