Ways of Overcoming Bedwetting Issue in Children

Awkward and inconvenient for parents, bedwetting is a common issue in children. With different struggling stories of children to overcome the bedwetting issue, it should be resolved as early as possible with bedwetting specialists in Sunbury.

What causes children to wet the bed? 

Children wet the bed for several reasons – here are a few of the most common

  • Time– There is a need for additional time for some children to develop control of their bladder.
  • Genetics– A genetic component can be responsible for bedwetting in children.
  • Sleep– Bedwetting can be caused due to disturbance in sleep because of
  • Stress or life changes– Changes such as moving, or a new sibling can be stressful for children and thus lead to bed-wetting.
  • Medical– Medical complications such as urinary tract infection (UTI) and constipation can be the cause. In addition, Type 1 Diabetes can also be the first symptom of bedwetting along with increased thirst and urination. Bedwetting specialists are the best people who shall give you the right solutions.

What you can do about it? 

Caffeinated and other drinks should be eliminated before sleep. It makes kids use the washroom more often.

It is helpful if you make your child use the washroom 15 minutes before bed and again right before bed. This will prevent them against bedwetting.

Ensure your child is getting enough sleep. Avoid electronics and pets from your child’s room.

Bedwetting Alarms

Bedwetting alarm is a useful appliance in order to cure bedwetting in children. It is typically clipped to the child’s underwear or has a pad for the child to sleep on. The alarm sound vibrates as soon as the clip or the pad gets wet and your child is forced to wake up and use the loo. This alarm shall be effective when the child repeatedly wets the bed and their brain learns to wake them up and use the toilet.

Consulting bedwetting specialists

If the situation is not under control despite several measures, it’s time to consult bedwetting specialists. One can discuss the use of medication that shall stop bedwetting. However, medicines stop to show the results once they are put to hold.

Western Specialist Centre in Sunbury has experts that can help solve your child’s problem. With known bedwetting specialists, it will be easier to find solutions for the same. If you have any queries, feel free to call us.

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