Why women need specialized health care

Both men and women can experience a host of health issues. But not all health issues will affect them in the same way. Moreover, each gender might respond differently to treatment modalities. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as men and women are biologically different, and both will benefit from a gender-specific approach to health care that goes beyond the obvious physiological differences.

There have been increased conversations about women’s health these days, and that is a welcome sign. And this has resulted in a better understanding of the fact that women’s health is much more than just gynaecology related care or reproductive health. Apart from gender-specific concerns like PCOD, breast cancer, osteoporosis, menstrual cycle irregularity, menopause and other hormonal issues, there is one more reason why women’s health centres are becoming more popular in Melbourne.

Women experience some of the most common health conditions in a very different way. 

Women are naturally more prone to certain types of cancers, musculoskeletal injuries, urinary tract infections and the like. But what is also interesting to note is how the frequency and even symptoms of some major diseases differ in women. For instance:

1. Heart diseaseProficient staff

Heart disease is often considered to be a man’s disease, but it also happens to be one of the top causes of death in women. In fact, women are more likely a heart attack without the usual chest pain that is associated with one. There could be multiple reasons for this – difference in arterial plaque deposits as compared to men, or blockages even in smaller blood vessels.

2. Autoimmune disease

This is a condition where the body’s immune system attacks its own healthy cells. Surprisingly, this condition affects more women than men, and this has been attributed to an additional X chromosome in women. While there are different types of autoimmune disorders, women are most likely to experience fatigue and exhaustion, skin irritation, mild fever and vertigo.

3. Stress and anxiety

Women experience a higher level of hormonal fluctuations as a result of their menstrual cycles or different stages in their life – and these can not only affect their mood, but also result in increased stress and anxiety as well. Pre Menstrual Syndrome is one commonly known condition that can cause severe mood swings. Pre Natal and Peri Natal Depression are well known too. A specialized women’s health care centre is well equipped to care for such unique conditions.

Western Specialist Centre is a dedicated women’s health centre in Melbourne, and we offer comprehensive care which looks at all the macro and micro aspects of women’s health. We have multiple in-house and visiting specialists working together to provide complete care for women’s health issues under one roof. We believe that with the right care and intervention, women can lead healthier and longer lives.

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